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About Dr Deniese Cox, creator of the RIGORTM technique


Hi, I’m Deniese, and I’m so pleased you’re taking an interest in learning about my user-friendly RIGOR problem-processing technique. Welcome! I look forward to meeting you. 

I get it, you also want to know a bit about my background and credibility in this space. Well, here goes...


The foundations of RIGOR started to take shape around 2009. Within my senior leadership roles for multinational corporations, it was my job to steer companies through periods of rapid expansion, while also keeping keep hundreds of team members productive and on track. I became intrigued by the differences between motivated and demotivated workers, and spent a lot of time investigating causes of frustrations, roadblocks, and issues that people felt constrained their ability to work in ways that were aligned with their perceived ideal. At the same time, I devoured research and writings on these topics. From there the first iteration of RIGOR was born and instantly became the favoured technique for my colleagues and team members to process their way through a myriad of challenges and dilemmas.

Fast forward a few years and I’d stepped away from corporate life to follow my passion for education, and I subsequently pursued a research doctorate in online education. I focused my PhD on the frustrations of online educators and I investigated why their ‘ideal’ and day-to-day ‘reality’ were so misaligned. It was amazing how many overlaps there were between these findings and my previous experiences in the corporate world.


That research enabled me to refine the RIGOR technique even further. In addition to continue sharing RIGOR with others, I use it myself every single day. RIGOR not only helps me plan my projects enabling me to hit every milestone on time, it also ensures I keep a sane work-life balance. Regularly using the RIGOR technique has, for years, helped me to efficiently process my way through every challenge thrown my way.


One of those challenges was being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease that stole my ability to walk and left me in excruciating 24/7 pain. Instead of following the advice to give up work and essentially go to bed for the rest of my life, I drew on my reliable and familiar RIGOR techniques to write a new ending to that story.


Navigating that journey prompted me to refine additional advanced RIGOR techniques, and these enabled me to really take control of the outcomes.

The result is now, having defied every prediction, I once again live a very active life. Not only do I swim ~5km a week (having used RIGOR to overcome a debilitating fear of water), but I’ve also just taken up mountain biking. I get to laugh and play with my family, I get to do meaningful work everyday that I absolutely love (sharing RIGOR with you), and I get to use RIGOR everyday to stay focused on what matters most.


I’ve now taught thousands of people from all sorts of backgrounds how to use the RIGOR technique to connect with their ideals and to effectively process their way through an extraordinary variety of problems and decisions. All that experience is here waiting for you to take advantage of.


Every person is unique, every challenge is different, and the RIGOR technique is ready to meet them all.


I can’t wait to hear what it is you need.


Get in touch and let’s get started :)

All the best,


Dr Deniese Cox

PhD, ML&D, MBA (Hon)

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