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Learn how to effectively process problems with RIGORTM


Dr Deniese Cox,


For many people, too much time and energy is wasted feeling frustrated or distracted by problems

RIGORTM is a user-friendly problem-processing technique that gives you back control so you can focus on the things that matter

At work, home, and anywhere in between, applying the RIGORTM technique will help you more efficiently identify ideals, clarify options, optimise decision-making, and connect with what matters

Big problems and small, roadblocks and dilemmas,

RIGORTM also works brilliantly when collaborating with others

Learn RIGORTM with me today,

and start focusing on what matters!


Hi, I’m Dr Deniese Cox, and I know how it feels when our reality doesn’t quite match our ideal. I too used to struggle with losing too much time processing problems, spending too much energy navigating my way through challenges, and feeling frustrated at not being able to focus on the things I really wanted to be focusing on. So, over several years, I spent hundreds of hours researching and designing the solution that is the RIGORTM technique. The RIGORTM technique has since helped thousands of people take control by learning to process problems in an efficient and effective way. Even the most experienced and confident problem solvers have embraced the RIGORTM technique.

What previous participants have to say...
Path to learning the RIGORTM technique
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